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Company profile
Almart Properties limited has been building win-win relationships with companies in Lagos Nigeria. We give personal attention to details of building design, construction, leasing services and buying residential and commercial properties, while providing day-to-day hands on management. We specialized in the development of cooperate and professional office centers and we managed every property we own. Our business is built on repeat tenants and lease renewals. we lease, buy and manage all of our office centers, and our experienced property managers make regular visit to make sure our properties are maintained in a first class fashion.

We are built on two principles:
1. Commitment to client satisfaction
2. Quality workmanship and services

Our commitment begins when we assess the clients facility needs, we the tailor our proposal to fit those needs. We coordinate all details in each stage of development, making it easy for our customers to stay focused on their business, while we create the facility.

We always ensure the building meet or exceed clients’ expectations, and we maintained full contact after the lease or purchase agreement is signed.

The amount attention placed on details separates Almart Properties from the competition.

We understand that satisfied tenants or landlords are the key to our success and our business is built on repeat tenants and lease renewals. At Amart properties, we put our reputation on the line daily as your single source of accountability. from design and construction through building management, Almart is here to serve you.

We have property managers on calls 24hours a day, 7 days a week to handle any problems that may arise. Our maintenance at each location is designed to correct minor problems before they become Major inconveniences to our customers. Our staff makes regular inspections at each of our properties and visits with representatives of each client to be certain of your day to day needs are being met. This level of service enables us to retain over 90% of our tenants at lease renewal time.

What we offer
Class A of facilities
• Our lobbies are impressive atriums that feature marble flooring, custom millwork, and lighting features that make a positive first impression for all of the buildings occupants and their business partners. Our projects are first class, right down to the landscaping, our larger facilities includes a workout room, complete with men’s and ladies locker rooms and showers.

• State-of –the – art computerized system that monitors security, CCTV and light system.

Class B+ facilities
At Almart, we realize a high-end cooperate office building is not for every company. For this reason, our portfolio also offers B+ facilities; these properties are older buildings that have been renovated to meet Almart’s high standards. The offer our client a solid, functional office environment, in a high brow location with option of remodeling to suit specific purpose, while continuing to provide the high quality and service that our company is known for.